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Solving problems was Ray Stueckle's life...
Helping farmers with their harvesting problems was his joy!

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Ray Stueckle (1917-1985) - Solving problems was Ray Stueckle's way of life. He was well known for his pioneering work with combine settings and subsequent books and clinics. Born to Eastern Washington wheat farmers, Ray had a love for farming and farmers. In the early 1950's R & H Machine was founded as a welding shop on his farm. Over the years his interest changed from repairing equipment and hardfacing for his neighbors, to developing the first Chrome Alloy parts used in agriculture. Ray and his wife, Arline, founded R & H Machine in 1963, and Gem State Alloys in 1979. Since that time, even though we have grown, R & H Machine has always had the farmers' best interest at heart.

Arline Stueckle (1921-2009) - Was an integral part of R & H as a co-owner and business manager. She scheduled all of Ray's Combine Clinics, helped Ray write his Combine Books and columns, and for the most part was the glue that held the company together, until she retired in 2005. Arline passed away in 2009, and her insight and wisdom will be missed by employees and farmers alike.

Put your crop in the bin---not on the ground!!!

From the mid-sixties to the mid-eighties, thousands of farmers heard Ray Stueckle speak in one of his hundreds of day-long Combine Clinics given across the northern part of the United States and almost every province of Canada. They came to hear him explain how the performance of their present combines could be improved by attention to a few basic principles, and their appreciation was expressed in the many letters he received:

"Those two old machines ran just like clockwork, and the grain was so clean it could go right into the drill.".... "Your ideas made new machines out of the ones I own.".... "Ray, you just saved me from putting a bullet through a fine old machine.".... "The big thing Ray did was to show us farmers how to make our combines cut twice as fast and be twice as efficient.".... "This year I 'Stuecklized' my combine. No more part heads, no more straw, and no more leaving one third in the heads. The increase in capacity was tremendous--at least fifty percent."

Ray's first combine books (Combine Settings for Better Harvesting and Setting Your Rotary Combine) have gone through many printings, and the final printings are now sold out. However, the last book, which his wife completed after his death in 1985, is still available. It contains over 400 pages, and is made up of letters containing farmers' questions about particular problems in all makes of combines and all models in use before his death. Many farmers have found it helpful in solving their special problems, so we are including it as long as the supply lasts.

Dear Ray, This is My Problem by Ray Stueckle

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