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What are Chrome Alloy wear parts? R & H wear parts are cast of a High Chrome Alloy material developed for rock crushing. Essentially they are made of solid hardfacing. The structure of the metal creates chrome carbides, which wear with a "lapping" action. The resulting wear is a smooth, hard surface which resists abrasion and gives much longer life. In most cases, you will see at least ten to twenty times the life of standard parts and from three to five times the life of hardfaced parts. We also have available a line of manganese alloy steel castings for high-impact, work-hardening uses.

What does this mean to the customer? Our parts will decrease downtime, reduce replacement costs, and in many cases, prevent wear and tear on other parts of the equipment, such as the shank or chain. Because our parts cost more initially, we won't try to sell you our parts, unless you have a wear problem. For new customers, we suggest you test only a few parts at first so you will be able to see for yourself how they last on your equipment and in your soil.

Where are our parts made? IN THE U.S.A. We manufacture our parts in our own facility in Caldwell, Idaho. We are able to maintain the exact specifications and quality control that you have come to expect when you order R & H parts. Recycled steel is an important component in our Chrome Alloy. Environmentally clean materials and systems are used in all aspects of manufacturing. To help protect our environment, our castings can be returned for recycling when worn out.

Who are we? We are a family-owned business founded in the early 1950's on an eastern Washington wheat farm by Ray and Arline Stueckle. Ray established a machine and welding business to help augment the farm income. Over the years Ray's activities changed from repairing equipment and hardfacing for his neighbors to holding Combine Clinics across the U.S. and Canada, and developing the first Chrome Alloy wear parts used in agriculture. Many farmers knew Ray from his Combine Clinics and Combine Books, but were unaware of his work with Chrome Alloy. Our present operation consists of manufacturing and selling the longest wearing Chrome Alloy parts in the industry. Since Ray's death in 1985, and Arline's death in 2009, Dave and Kathy Organ, Ray and Arline's son-in-law and daughter, have been the sole owners and operators of R & H Machine to maintain the family heritage. Dave and Kathy have continued Ray's philosophy of keeping the farmers' best interest at heart by giving him the best possible product at a reasonable price. We have continually expanded our product line to include about 1,500 parts today. Each of these parts was introduced as the result of our customers' asking us to solve a particular wear problem in their farming operation. Our customers come from every state, several provinces of Canada, as well as Mexico, New Zealand, and Australia.

If abrasive wear is your problem ~ ~ ~ R & H Machine has your answer!